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A Band School for Teenagers
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Only 2 minutes from Toritsu-Daigaku station, Meguro Tokyo

Form a Rock Band!

Guitar lesson, Bass lesson, Drum lesson, Keyboard lesson, Vocal lesson and Composition/DTM lessons in English

School of rockBass LessonMusic school for teenagers


Performance Based Rock School !
Form a rock band!

“JAMOUT!” is the name for our quarterly performance events, where we rent out a venue (live house) used by the professionals. With the backdrop of big speakers and glamorous lights, this is where you show your stuff! This is where you unleash all the sweat and tears you’ve worked off on your own and with your dear band members.


Music school for Teenagers in Tokyo

undefinedLiVEJAM is Tokyo’s premiere band school dedicated for the teenage musicians. Our programs are designed and instructors selected specifically for the teenage student profile. It is our hope that an important mentorship may transpire with the instructors, who are all pros in the world of music. More often than not, you find yourself unmotivated to practice your instrument on your own, but when you’ve got a target (JAMOUT!) and a group of friends to perform with, we’re certain you’ll be fired up.

International Space

School of rockIt’s already “international” just being in Japan, but LiVEJAM is indeed international, with top notch professional instructors from around the world, where you can take lessons in your “language of choice”. To top it off, it’s also a great place to mingle with the local Japanese students, maybe even form a band with them!


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guitar lesson

vocal lesson

bass lessonlive out your dream!

To perform at professional venues is always so exciting!

I found LiVEJAM through Facebook. I used to take lessons at major music schools but I was unable to enjoy it especially because they were group lessons. But when I took LiVEJAM's trail lesson, I was surprised how different this school was from anything else I had experienced. First off, the school offers private lessons in english, making the communication during the lessons very efficient. Second off, students can set their lesson schedules flexibly, so not to miss lessons for club activities or exams. And more than anything else, the JAMOUTs which allows us to perform at professional venues is always so exciting. It is a very casual atmosphere and I hope to make more and more friends in the future.

I started to realize how much I was enjoying singing in LiVEJAM.

I always liked singing in front of people, but could not quite sing the way I imagined nor perform on stage as I had hoped to. On top of that, I was constantly conscious of how the audience percieved my performance, therefore was afraid to fully express my self on stage.

That’s when I found LiVEJAM. The trial lesson was eye opening, as the teacher really got me to open up, not only vocally, but also emotionally, that I started to realize how much I was enjoying singing.

The teacher is really good at making me feel comfortable and helped me to sing without holding back. Singing has really become a great joy. The atmosphere of LiVEJAM is so international and comfortable. The lesson rooms are colorful and fun. Really glad I found LiVEJAM!

The knowledge and experience of the songwriting teacher was so incredible!

I used to write songs on my own, mainly techno and club music, but I took a trial lesson here in hopes to improve my ability. The knowledge and experience of the songwriting teacher was so incredible that I registered for the school immediately. After learning so much about sonar and musical equipment, I can now compose professional sounding songs, and rock out at JAMOUTs as an onstage DJ.


We teach music classes in English.



Music lessons in English for Adults

Guitar lesson, Bass lesson, Drum lesson, Vocal lesson, Keyboard lesson, Composition lessons in Tokyo