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A Band School for Teenagers
music school LiVEJAM

Only 2 minutes from Toritsu-Daigaku station, Meguro Tokyo

Form a Rock Band!

Guitar lesson, Bass lesson, Drum lesson, Keyboard lesson, Vocal lesson and Composition/DTM lessons in English

Sing your HEART out! Rock School for teenagers in Tokyo.Vocal lessons

music school LiVEJAM

Form a rock band in Tokyo
LiVEJAM is the premiere Rock Music School dedicated to teenagers in Tokyo.Only 2 minutes from Toritsu-Daigaku station in Meguro-ku. We set regularly scheduled live performances as goals and prepare by offering both private lessons and band lessons. You can join as a band, or join as an individual (Vocal lesson, Guitar lesson, Bass lesson, Drum lesson, Composition lesson) and eventually form a band with other instruments. Even if you don’t play an instrument, LiVEJAM is where you can start! more

Tokyo Guitar lessons in English
Live out your dream on Stage!

LiVEJAM is a performance based music school. All the hard work and practice must crystallize in the form of a spectacle. In fact, we believe it is the live performance as the goal that drives the process of technique mastery, creative music making and ensemble unity.

Guitar lesson, Bass lesson, Drum lesson, Keyboard lesson, Vocal and Composition lessons are available in English.
Bands will be formed among members to perform at our student recitals called JAMOUT!s

●Location and form
We will rent out a performance venue used by real professionals (Live House) on a day time weekend, where we will blast away on their mega speakers, just like the professionals. (ear plugs suggested for parents --- smile). We aim for quarterly performances, and hope to use different venues according to occasion and theme.


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We teach music classes in English.



Music lessons in English for Adults

Guitar lesson, Bass lesson, Drum lesson, Vocal lesson, Keyboard lesson, Composition lessons in Tokyo