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A Band School for Teenagers
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Only 2 minutes from Toritsu-Daigaku station, Meguro Tokyo

Form a Rock Band!

Guitar lesson, Bass lesson, Drum lesson, Keyboard lesson, Vocal lesson and Composition/DTM lessons in English

3 core plans available at LiVEJAM

4 lessons/month
Four 60 minute lessons in a month. The basic plan for incorporating music into your routine.

4 lessons/month 20,900yen/month(plus consumption tax)
(Registration Fee:10,000yen)

2 or 3 lessons/month
Two or Three 60 minute lessons in a month. For those looking to get their feet wet.

2 lessons/month 13,200 yen/month & 3 lessons/month 17,600 yen/month (plus consumption tax)
(Registration Fee:10,000yen)

Artist Plan
This is a Non-lesson value package for those skilled members looking to form a band, practice and perform.

The Artist Plan is for members already skilled enough not to need regular lessons and to take advantage of numerous benefits LiVEJAM has to offer.
5,000yen/month (per member) (plus consumption tax)
(Registration Fee:10,000yen)


Vocal lesson

Learn to sing with your entire body so that you will stand out in any band scenario!

Singing lesson in Tokyo
Unlike other music schools, LiVEJAM’s primary focus is on improving our student’s skills for live performances. While you will also learn the necessary vocal techniques such as breathing and pitch accuracy, only at LiveJam will you gain your true originality!

What’s so good about learning vocals at LiVEJAM?

Playing in a band is a totally different experience from singing by yourself at karaoke or at your house. Just being a “good singer” isn’t what it takes, you need to be able to create your own atmosphere as you stand on stage in front of a crowd. LiVEJAM’s professional vocal teachers will train you so you can stand on stage like a pro!


Your voice isn’t strong enough and is getting drained out by the rest of the band.
You’re too nervous and shy on stage.
You can’t transition from karaoke vocals to band vocals.
Your presentation skills aren’t what you want it to be.


Learn to sing with your entire body so that you will stand out in any band scenario.
Experience standing on a real stage, and receive advice from your teachers to improve your stage presence.

Practice as a band as well as alone, to gain the ability to listen and adapt to your surroundings.
Learn how to create your exact image, by every detail of your performance.

Guitar lesson

Learn how to express yourself!

Tokyo guitar lessonLiVEJAM invites students of all levels, from beginners to experts! Improve your soloing skills, learn to sing and play the guitar, or jamout to your favorite tunes. Learn the instrument from professionals who have performed all over the world.

What’s so good about learning Guitar at LiVEJAM?

Instead of learning just the basic skills, at LiVEJAM, you will learn how to express yourself using these techniques. Also with band lessons, you will be able to test out your improvements all the time.


Solos aren’t rocking.
Playing never grooves
Rhythm guitar ideas aren’t creative enough.
Guitar tones sound too simple.


Learn to play the guitar smoothly and accurately, so that you can groove to any beat or style.
Understand how to use all sorts of scales and chords to be able to incorporate into your playing.
Not only learn to use standard playing styles like powerchords, arpeggios, and strumming, you can learn to play unique styles using tricks such as feedback, funk slapping, or even noise.
Learn the ins and outs of using guitar effects and amplification to improve your guitar tone quickly and substantially.

Bass lesson

Natural grooves that will improve the entire sound of your band

Tokyo bass lessonThe bass is one of the most fundamental instruments in the band. It is the driving force of the groove. At LiVEJAM, you will learn to control the band’s groove using techniques such as 2 finger playing, picking, funk slap playing, and even bass harmonies. We invite students of all levels, from people who don’t really know what the bass does, to those who want to master their funk/jazz/rock grooves. The motto of LiVEJAM is to have the students enjoy music, while mastering their ability.

What’s so good about learning Bass at LiVEJAM?

With the western teachers at LiVEJAM, you will be able to learn western music styles like rock, pops or jazz music from professional musicians with their authentic sounds. You will learn harmonic theory, grooves, and soloing ideas that will revolutionize your playing!


Your sense of rhythm should improve.
You’re only able to play the root notes of the chord, in your basslines.
Playing does not collaborate well with the rest of the band.
Unable to create unique sounds and styles like slapping or chord soloing.


To play diverse styles of music, ranging from Rock to Jazz and Funk to Latin, and master the necessary techniques for all these styles.
The necessary harmonic theory to be able to play any song quickly and accurately anybody.
To play as a band, and not only alone in your bedroom.
Natural grooves that will improve the entire sound of your band.
To get rid of bad habits through 1 to 1 lessons with professional teachers.

Drum lesson

Be the heartbeat of the band! Rock out with awesome drum solos!

Tokyo drum lessonBe the heartbeat of the band! Rock out with awesome drum solos, or swing away on the ride cymbal, the choice is yours. But you need the necessary skill and ability to be able express yourself with the drum set. LiVEJAM is the best place to gain these skills.

What’s so good about learning Drums at LiVEJAM?

At LiVEJAM you will be able to take 1 to 1 lessons with professional western players, to adapt the lesson plan with your skill level. Also, LiVEJAM’s studio is always open for practice to our students, so you can come in and practice the drums all the time. With LiVEJAM’s band lessons, you will be able to incorporate your playing in real life band scenarios


You’re unable to drive the band with your drumming.
You’re stuck using similar drum patterns,
You’re having a hard time creating your own sound and style
You’re not satisfied with your fills and solos.


To groove with all styles of music.
To get rid of bad habits to make your playing more smooth and comfortable.
To play complicated fills that may be difficult to learn on your own.
To use theory in your playing, for full understanding of the music.

Composition lesson

Get the melodies in your head!

Tokyo write a songLearn to express yourself, and get the melodies in your head to appear on paper! The fundamentals of songwriting is self expression. At LiVEJAM you will experience the amazing feeling of getting your melody and ideas to come together and create a song.

What’s so good about learning songwriting and sound engineering at LiveJam?

LiVEJAM invites students of all levels from complete beginners to experts. A songwriting professional will teach you in ways that will help you to improve the fastest and most effectively

It’s time to take lessons at LiVEJAM, if you feel that you

Don’t know where to start when it comes to songwriting or lyric-writing.
Don’t have the necessary music theory to be able create your own songs.
Don’t know how to use audio engineering softwares like Pro Tools or Cubase to save your ideas.
Don’t know how to record your own playing efficiently.

At LiVEJAM, you will learn:

The basics of songwriting and lyric-writing.
To arrange songs to match your own style.
To use the computer to assist your songwriting and recording.
To use keyboards, synthesizers, mixing utilities, DJ equipment etc.
To be able to record yourself in a number of ways, from professional recording studios to your bedroom.


LiVEJAM is a performance based music school.

All the hard work and practice must crystallize in the form of a spectacle. In fact, we believe it is the live performance as the goal that drives the process of technique mastery, creative music making and ensemble unity.

●Location and form
We will rent out a performance venue used by real professionals (Live House) on a day time weekend, where we will blast away on their mega speakers, just like the professionals. (ear plugs suggested for parents --- smile). We aim for quarterly performances, and hope to use different venues according to occasion and theme.
●Performing bands
All members are encouraged to perform at the JAMOUT!s. While experienced members can form bands with friends on their own, new members will be assisted by LiVEJAM staff who will suggest appropriate bands and band combinations with other members.

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We teach music classes in English.



Music lessons in English for Adults

Guitar lesson, Bass lesson, Drum lesson, Vocal lesson, Keyboard lesson, Composition lessons in Tokyo


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