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International Music School for Teenager


Music Lessons in English in Tokyo

Based in Japan and want to learn music?

But you wish to take lessons in English?

LiVEJAM founded in 2010 is an international music school where all lessons can be taught by native English speakers.  LiVEJAM was initially started as a “school of rock” for teenagers where students can learn to play instruments, form a band and perform on stage where professional musicians perform!


In addition to Rock/pop music instruments, we have now added wind instruments which can help with your school concert band or jazz ensemble.

Following are the line-up in

Music lessons we offer:


Guitar lessons, acoustic or electric

Bass lessons, double bass or electric

Drum lessons, plus percussion

Keyboard lessons, regular piano or synthesizer

Vocal lessons, in any style or genre

Trumpet lesson, classical or jazz or funk

Saxophone lesson, classical or jazz or funk, or rock

Trombone lesson, classical or jazz or funk

Flute lesson,  classical or jazz

Songwriting lesson

DAW lesson: music composition using music software, beat making

Music Theory lesson, (can be in conjunction with learning an instrument)



All students interested in playing in a group will be assisted with forming a band or finding a suitable partner for the regularly scheduled performances.

Our new program Jazz for Teens, is aimed at simplifying the art of jazz to make you swing, and most of all to help you improvise. Our world class horn teachers will be able to help you audition for school concert and jazz bands. 

We also have a strong insight into Berklee Music College auditions and can prepare you accordingly for those wishing to continue studying contemporary music in the United States.

Please find out more by signing up for a FREE Trial Lesson!

(We offer lessons to Grown ups as well, so please feel free to inquire(^_-)-☆!)