World Class Trumpet Lessons

Since it’s opening in 2010, music school LiVEJAM has primarily been a “rock/pop” school, where students learn to play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals, so that they could form a band and perform on stage.


We have now added horns, such as trumpet, sax, flute and trombone as we expand our jazz program, which can all be taught in English.


Today, we will introduce our new trumpet instructor, Mao Sone, who is a world class caliber!

As I’m sure most professional trumpet players claim to be “world class”, let me, the author, as someone with extensive trumpet playing and listening experience put that in context.


Myself (Ken) having studied the trumpet as a student in the US, I have had special associations with some of the top class trumpet players including a chance to hang out with Wynton Marsalis who gave me a private lesson in his apartment as a college student. I have met and spoken to legends like Dizzy Gillespie, had Sushi hangs with Randy Brecker and have actually “touched” the back of Maynard Ferguson…    In Japan, I’ve had the chance to meet and speak with the only legend, Terumasa Hino relatively recently.

Dizzy Gillespie

OK, so none of them have heard me play (except Wynton whose lesson ended up pointing me to a different direction…), but you get the idea, I do know my trumpet heros and the greatest from the average.

Before introducing our Mao, let me touch upon some of the younger  jazz trumpet players active today that I think fall under the “exceptional” category. 


Christian Scott (saw him at 2015 Blues Alley Tokyo)

Christian Scott
Christian Scott


Ambrose Akinmushire

Alex Sipiagin

Sean Jones

Theo Croker

Shane Ensley

Ryan Kisor

Rick Braun

Terell Stafford


… just to name a few.


So, Mao Sone.

I was listening to a YouTube clip of an exceptional Japanese rising start guitarist, May Inoue, when I heard an awesome trumpet solo start. I looked up and it was a Berklee graduate young Japanese trumpeter named Mao Sone.

Mao Sone Official Page>

First, his immaculate note selection in his improvised solos, which didn’t sound like a guy only in his twenties. Such tasteful melodical lines from the lowest ranges of the trumpet up to the highest, with such good sense of time and the use of silence as well.  Such high level of communication with the rhythm section in building climaxes. 

As if his command of the instrument wasn’t enough for the overwhelming stage presence, he is also an amazing pianist, that if one didn’t know he played trumpet, he’d be praised as a top notch pianist leading the future of Japanese jazz!

So as someone who knows world class jazz trumpet players, I can confidently say he is  absolutely world class, and will be even bigger climbing up the Downbeat magazine polls.

Since Mao speaks fluent English, his lessons in English at LiVEJAM will be available for:

  • Of course, trumpet, Classical or Jazz
  • Jazz piano
  • Jazz theory
  • Preparation for Berklee Music College auditions


As there is limited slots available for his lessons, if you are interested, please inquire as soon as possible, before his performance schedule gets back to normalcy.


Will also be posting his practice tip videos on his YouTube channel as well.